about me

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My main profession is to develop software - no games, no overhyped technologies. Anyway I enjoy it very much and I get payed well. One of my hobbies is game development. I wrote some adventures in MorgenGrauen (a german mud). Actually I focus on the android platform.

I like game ideas that include tactical components. Hand to eye coordination or simple luck shouldn't be the main goal of a game, but a good analysis of the game situation (or game state). Although I don't like chess (not much at all), I am generally interested in concepts like draughts, nine men morris or the Explode! game concept.
To develop an intelligent (or intelligent acting) artificial enemy (or artificial intelligence - AI) is the main challenge. The reason is that in board games the AI must act more intelligent than in 'flurry' games, where the player is expecting 'human' mistakes made by the AI.